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What Our Graduates Shared About Us

"I've been consistently getting returns for the past 2-3 years."

Ying Yuan, Digital Marketer

"It goes up and down, but I get good returns each year."

Chang, Investor

"The number of wins I get from my trades is amazing!"

Mark, Investor

"I got great results fresh off
the course!"

Eric Lee & Jeremy Chua

"It's really easy and simple
to do!"

Joshua Tan, Air Force

"You will not regret it,
You'll love it!"

Alvin Tan. 24R Earnings Graduate

"I got returns from my
first trade!"

Chu Er, Corporate Employee

"Made a total of $1,500 in

my first week!"

Nik, First Time Trader

"You can achieve financial


Vincent, Investor

"I am continuously learning and better than before!"

Vincent, Sales Professional

"Terence's strategy is very beginner friendly!"

SJ Chen, Retiree

"Holistic approach and in-depth... Valuable lessons!"

Terry, Grab Driver

"This helps me achieve higher returns in a shorter time frame!"

Edwin, Investor

"In one month, I got a total of $2,000 in my portfolio!"

Hariharan, IT Professional

"Never knew I could trade with minimal risk, yet profit is quite high!"

Xin Liang, Trader

"Whole strategy is very straight and safe"

Yaw Fan and Amy, New Traders

"THE IMP strategy makes trading so simple!"

Junsheng, Civil Servent

"Turn losing trades into winners using this strategy!"

Leung Ming, Trader

Real Results From Our Students

"Profit of 18.4%... Good Ang Pao for year end!"

Herbert Tay

"20% Profits within just
2 weeks!"

Nick Goh

"Profited 35% in all...
In just a month!"


"62.5% of profits...
All in juts 2 days!"

Adam Foo

"Multiple trades with
multiple profits!"

Alex Kho

"58.4% of returns in just
5 days!"


"Profited almost 90% from
4 trades!"


"Managed to earn back my course fee from 1 trade!"

Boon Jye

"Gained 65% of ROI in just
2 days!"


"Total profits of $291 from
5 stocks!"

Hannah Wong

"12% of ROI... Fast in,
fast out!"


"Made 17% of profits in
3 days!"

Khadijah Mohd Noor

"I've been consistently getting returns for the past 2-3 years."

Michael Ng

"Made 60% of profits in just 2 days!"

Ravi Menon

"Profited more than 30% in one day!"

Siong Guan Chan

"Love my UOS membership... Keep this coming!"

Kurt Lim

"14% of profits in just one day of trading!

Lawrence Chong

"Profited $619 from one stock, In just 2 days!"

Zac Ng Zi Kang

More Actual Profits From Our Trades

Winning Results From Our 24R Students

"$125 total profits... 5 out of 5 winning trades!"

Hernando Caceres

"Profited $71 just for
this week!"

Jason Loh

"Complete newbie with
70% winning rate in 1 week"

John Kasper

"Gained 49% of profits from just 2 trades!"

Ng Enghwu

"3 out of 3 winning trades... All in just 1 day!"

Victor Hank

"$49 overall profits from 3 trades in just 1 night!"

Simon Lee

"Made $4,500 of
total profits!"

Monica Jindal

"$114 of total profits...
All win today!"

Tong Sing Chit

"Made $80 of profits from just 2 trades!"

Jency Teoh Poh Sin

"31.5% of total profits from just 1 trade!"


"Made 22% of profits
in 1 day!"


"Profited a total of $4,500 from 2 trades!"

Ravi Menon

"More than 30% of profits from 1 trade in just 1 day!"

24R Students

"Gained more than 38% of wins from just 1 trade!"

24R Students

"Made $4,500 of
total profits!"

Victor Wong


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