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Year-Round Real-Time Stock Updates & Cutting Edge Strategies for Every Market Condition!!

The little-known Anytime Investor Strategy is unlike any other. We have 30+ years of combined stock market experience. Unlike most education providers, we deliver the latest updates to you weekly, which can be applied in 15 minutes. So you can win the market all-year…. And still have time for the things and people you love!


30+ years

of combined stock

market experience


traders & students to date,

and growing!


our traders were

complete beginners

Why Traders Say the Anytime Investors Strategy is the Only One They Need

The market is constantly changing, making it hard to predict if the usual strategies will work at any particular point. And learning from trial and error can be very costly.

That’s why our Anytime Investor Strategy was designed to adapt to every market condition we’ve encountered in the past 30 years - including downtrends!

By focusing on only the most suitable strategy for the current market, you won’t feel overwhelmed. And you’ll never worry about your stock crashing ever again!

"It's a more sophisticated strategy for us to profit from the market without enormous capital outlay."


The Latest Strategies (Updated Weekly)

On top of our existing video library, you’ll get exclusive videos on current opportunities and the exact steps to take advantage of them every week.

Weekly Trading Sessions

We’ll show you all the trades we’re taking that week and why we’re taking them. You’ll get to learn and profit at the same time!

Direct Access to Experienced Traders

We know the stock market can be confusing, and even experienced traders can sometimes get ‘stuck’. We answer your questions directly when you need them most, through multiple channels.

Meet the Anytime Investors

Senthil Kumar

Through investing, he has achieved financial freedom and now spends most of his time maintaining his own million-dollar investment portfolios which generate over five figures in monthly income for himself.

Senthil strongly believes in building a solid rainy day fund, and the importance of passive income. In 2005, he was inspired to begin investing when the company worked for, announced a retrenchment exercise.

He started out his investment journey in the Malaysian market, and through much trial and error, teachings from experienced traders and a myriad of investment books, Senthil now has more than 12 years of trading experience in stocks and 10 years with stock options, futures and commodities.

Terence Tan

Terence has helped thousands individuals create well over USD $5,000,000 in investment income since 2011.

He has more than 19 years of trading experience in relation to stocks and 17 years with stock options, futures, commodities, and forex.

There are few other trainers who are as well versed as he is, in terms of financial instruments trading knowledge.

He has coached and trained DBS Bank in Singapore, and was appointed a lecturer in the Diploma in Wealth Management program with Entrepreneur Resource Centre in Singapore as well.


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